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Seeing an idea is the first step to making it real. We capture ideas from early level sketches and brainstorming to advanced illustration and animation.




Refinement is reached by exploration and validation. We develop concepts through iteration and testing using 2D forms, production ready CAD, and physical prototypes.



Sometimes sourcing is how you make a product, sometimes it’s how you make a statement. We source products using our resources and contacts here in Cincinnati and throughout the US.







The Launch Werks is run by the dynamic team of Noel Gauthier and Matt Anthony. They met while in school at the University of Cincinnati where they created a process that defines the way they work code-named “Making Awesome”. They functions as foils in a way that quickly narrows in on the heart of an idea and do quick prototyping that can form the basis of a solidly designed product.



is the technology guru, always armed with the latest “have you seen that new world-changing gadget?” anecdote that can change the way you think about a problem. Boundlessly excitable, Noel keeps the idea generating process flowing but is also a keen eye when stepping back and culling ideas into more useful categories. He’s a mean hand at creating working prototypes both in the real world and digital space that can help test that essential piece of product concepts.


is the sketch monster, itching to visualize ideas on the fly. A bit more reserved, he floats  between generating and categorizing ideas to playing the occasional creative skeptic, looking to enhance the design to overcome potential shortfalls. A craftsman in both 2D and 3D, he seeks to validate ideas by constantly testing new and improved prototypes.


is an insane dude with a massive love for drawing and visualization. Energetic, outgoing, and happy when designing, drawing, or coloring, he’s always ready to hit the pen to the paper and rethink whatever assumptions are out there. Variety and creatively challenging problems are his life blood and he enjoys being a renaissance man; switching from 3D modeling to rending to ideating to animating to graphic design

and back again.




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